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Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Microwave Pristine

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The microwave oven has become one of the major tools for the modern kitchen, and it is becoming increasingly rare to find a home without one of these devices. Unfortunately, the intense amount of use that they experience can cause substantial amounts of residual food and liquids to accumulate on the interior of it. Fortunately, you can follow these two tips to help cut down on microwave oven repair and to ensure that your microwave is kept in the best condition possible. 

Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners In The Microwave

One of the more common mistakes that people will make is to use a traditional household cleaner on the interior of the microwave. This may seem like a harmless mistake, but it can severely reduce the lifespan of your microwave. This damage occurs because the cleaning solution can create fumes which will damage the sensitive interior electronics. 

To avoid this type of damage, you should only use a damp washcloth to wipe down the interior of the microwave. If there are pieces of food that are baked onto the microwave, you may need to use a bristled scrubbing brush. This may seem like a lot of work to clean the microwave, but it can help keep it from developing major problems. 

Fight Odors With Lemon Water

Over time, your microwave may start to develop foul odors on the interior. In addition to making it unpleasant to use your microwave, these odors can permeate your food, which can ruin an otherwise pleasant meal. Considering the threats posed by cleaning solutions, you may assume there is no way to remove these smells. However, this is hardly the case, and there are a variety of options you can use to address this problem. 

One of the easiest is to mix lemon juice with water and heat it in the microwave. This will produce a pleasant smelling vapor that will naturally neutralize any odors that may be in the microwave. When heating the solution, make sure that you do not bring it to a boil, because it may boil over which can make a mess in your microwave that will be difficult to clean up until it has cooled. 

Keeping your microwave in good condition is a task that may be more complex than you originally thought. However, if you aware of the dangers of using chemical cleaners and the benefits of using lemon juice and water to fight odors, you will be much better prepared to combat these routine microwave problems.