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Hanging Furniture Ideas For Inside The House

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Does your house have high ceilings that seem so empty? Do you want a bold decorative look in your home that will surprise your guests? Do you love to swing when you're outside and wish you could swing all day inside the house? If you said yes to any of those questions, then it just might be time to try hanging furniture in your home.

Yes, hanging furniture.

How to Hang Furniture

The problem with hanging furniture is that it makes the ceiling take on a lot of weight, especially if making something that you intend to sit or place something heavy on. It's easy to do outside on a sturdy tree, but what about inside? It's just as easy, actually. You have to hang the furniture from a ceiling joist. Those are the strong beams that span horizontally across the ceiling to support the entire load from the ceiling. You must bolt the hanging furniture to these joists so that it won't fall down under weight. Find the joists using a stud finder.

Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are some of the most popular pieces of hanging furniture for the home. You can hang hammock chairs meant for outdoors right in your living room for guests to sit in. Place a hanging rattan or wicker chair in a child's room to play on. They can spin around and get good and dizzy. Basically, any hanging chair you can buy for your garden, porch or lawn can be used inside the house instead.

Hanging Tables

Hanging tables are great for houses with high ceilings. The rope or chain fills up the space up high so it doesn't look empty. You can use almost anything for the table. Use a metal tray, slabs of treated wood, ceramic mosaic slabs, or just chop the legs off a coffee table. You don't need legs at all for these hanging tables. Another great thing about creating hanging tables is that it creates space under the table for placing other items—cool looking and space saving.

Hanging Beds

Oh yes, hanging beds. Ever wanted to sleep in a hammock every night? Now you can. Hang the hammock using thick ropes to the ceiling joists and swing away. How about making a bed out of pallets? Pallets are lightweight but sturdy. Because they are light in weight, a pallet bed won't be very heavy and won't put too much pressure on the ceiling joists. You won't worry about adding your weight when you sleep.

Go ahead and hang all your furniture, if you want.