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Three Immediate Steps To Take When Your Basement Floods

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It's a disheartening feeling to open the door to your basement after a heavy rainstorm and see your possessions floating around in several inches of water. While you might be partially tempted to close the door and try to ignore what you just saw, now is the time to spring into action. Find a water damage restoration service in your community and book a crew to visit your home at the earliest available opportunity; the quicker the crew can remove the water, the sooner your basement will begin drying and get back to normal. There's no time to rest even after you hang up the phone -- here are three jobs to perform right away.

Think About Electricity

While not technically a "job," thinking about the state of your home's electrical is of paramount importance once you notice that the basement has flooded. Even if you're tempted to retrieve your possessions, don't make the mistake of wading into the water to grab something, as you could receive a devastating electrical shock due to electrical items sending current into the water. Your first priority is to shut off the power in your home, which you can do by flipping the main breaker in your home's circuit panel. If the panel is in the basement and not accessible, call your local utilities company right away to request the power shutoff.

Grab Some Buckets

While the water damage restoration service will take care of getting the job done, it's worthwhile to begin the process of removing water from your basement. Grab all the buckets that you can, scoop up the water and dump it outside away from your home or down the sink. This job can take a lengthy amount of time and can benefit from the help of family members and neighbors. By forming a bucket brigade -- have people stand between the flooded basement and the sink -- you can greatly expedite the job by passing full buckets from person to person.

Remove And Dry What You Can

Let the restoration crew take care of tearing up your floors and walls once the crew arrives at your home. You can focus on removing items that you wish to salvage and begin the drying process. Transport furniture, family heirlooms and anything else that's stored in your basement out of the wet environment and into a dry area, such as your garage or even your driveway if it's sunny. Things can take several days to dry, so it's ideal to get the process underway quickly.

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