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Keeping Mold From Growing In Your Vinyl Gutter System

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If you have vinyl gutters on the exterior of your home, you should take basic maintenance steps to ensure that they do not become covered with mold. Once mold sets in, it can cause damage to the gutter system, causing it to deteriorate prematurely. Since vinyl is a material prone to mold growth, your gutters will need to be evaluated and cleansed regularly to keep it away. Here are some steps you can take to keep this harmful substance away from your vinyl gutter system.

Remove All Debris

When debris builds up inside gutters, mold growth becomes a concern. Mold and mildew will grow where there is excess moisture. Water will pool up around debris in a gutter, making conditions prime for a mold problem. To alleviate this risk, take the time to get up on a ladder and scoop out all debris regularly. It is also important to clean your gutters after stormy weather, as debris from trees can end up in the gutter at this time. Put on a pair of heavy-duty gloves and use a trowel to scrape out leaves, twigs, dirt and other natural debris. This material can be placed in a compost or a wooded area after removal.

Thoroughly Clean Gutters

After solid debris is removed from your gutter system, the gutters will need to be cleaned to remove any mold spores that may have been deposited into the area via the debris. First, use a pressure washer to remove all remaining surface dirt from the gutters. Next, mix four parts water with one part bleach in a bucket. Use a soft-bristled scrub brush to clean gutters both inside and out with this mixture. The bleach will kill mold spores so they will not spread if they are present. Rinse the gutters with your pressure washer to remove the solution.

Do Routine Inspections

It is important to inspect your gutters regularly for any signs of mold. If you fail to do regular cleanings, the mold may start to alter the vinyl's structure. The vinyl will appear weakened and may start to disintegrate as sections become riddled with holes. If this happens, these portions will not be salvageable. Eventually, these damaged sections will not hold water, causing your home to be at risk for water damage at the foundation level. In this case, you will need to hire a gutter installation service to come to your home to make a replacement of these sections. 

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