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3 Tips For Stripping Old Paint And Sealant Off Of Tropical Hardwood Decking

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Tropical hardwood decking materials can be a great choice for decking. These woods also require care, such as occasional sealing or treatments. Sometimes, these woods can be painted with the wrong type of stain or even paint. The good news is that the density of these woods make cleaning them up and resealing them a fairly easy task. The first thing that needs to be done is removing the old sealant. Here are some tips to help you with stripping old paint from hardwood decking materials:

1. Using a Pressure Washer To Clean Dirt And Debris Off The Decking

When you get ready to refinish the deck, the first thing that you will want to do is remove dirt and grime from the surface. This can be done with a pressure washer to get deep in the cracks and remove anything that has gotten into the wood. Since hardwood decking materials are often dense, this can also remove a lot of the sealant that is on the surface of the deck.

2. Applying A Paint Stripper To Remove Paints And Sealants From Surface

To remove the paint and sealants, a paint stripper can get into the cracks where the pressure washing did not get to. You want to be careful to use the right type of paint stripper, such as one that will not stain or bleach the wood. There are also professional paint stripping services that can do this for you and ensure that the wood is not damaged by the paint stripping process.

3. Sanding The Surface Of Decking To Remove Cracking And Stains 

Sanding the surface of decking is the final process before you add a new coat of sealant to the decking. You will want to use a circular sander and evenly sand the surface of decking. If there are any areas where the boards are uneven, you can sand them down for a nice even surface. When you reseal the deck, use an oil sealant that is designed for tropical hardwoods that will not leave a nasty painted color on your deck as it weathers.

These are some tips that can help you with getting sealants and paints off of old tropical hardwood materials. If you have a deck with tropical hardwood that has developed a dingy painted look, contact a paint stripping service to get it back to the attractive hardwood surface. Resealing your decking can give it new life and make your tropical hardwood decking last for many more years.