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4 Ways You Can Prepare Your Home For Mold Testing

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When having your property tested for mold, accuracy is important. Mold can cause significant structural concerns as well as health issues, so identifying mold quickly is necessary. How well you prepare your property for the testing and inspection plays a part in how quickly the mold can be identified. Work hard to do your part.

Avoid Extra Ventilation

Don't make any efforts to ventilate the space where you suspect the mold is located any more than it already is. While it would seem like a step in the direction towards resolving the problem, ventilation introduces more environmental elements into the space. The more of these elements, the easier it is for the testing to produce a false positive. Don't open any windows or doors in the space until after the testing and inspection has been completed for the most accurate result.

Don't Clean The Area

Don't perform any cleaning in the space. This is important for several reasons. First, similar to ventilating the area, you could introduce outside elements that can throw off the reading. Something as seemingly minor as a dusty cloth used to scrub the space could contaminate the area enough to cause inaccurate mold testing. Second, many of the chemicals used in cleaning products can affect the test reading. Keep the space in its natural condition until testing is complete.

Keep Everything In Place

Two of the factors that make mold so dangerous is that it can spread quickly and without much warning. For example, in a small space, you might assume the mold is restricted to the walls or floor, but it may have traveled to the furniture surfaces as well. If you move the furniture, you could be transporting mold to another area of your home, increasing the potential for damage. Make sure you keep everything in place until after the testing and remediation process if mold is found.

Shut Down Air Quality Aids

If you are operating any air quality aids in the area, it's best to power them off. Equipment like dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and air purifiers can negatively affect the outcome of the test as they all alter the natural air quality in the space. They may also make a mold problem more aggressive and help spread it around your home. Whether you're using a small, single-room unit or a whole-home system, make sure you're powering it off.

Ensure you're doing your part to get the most accurate reading from your mold testing by properly preparing.