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Tips For Eliminating Residential Basement Moisture

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If your home's basement has a problem with moisture seepage during large storms, then there may be a simple solution to the problem. Sometimes water intrusion into residential basements requires expensive encapsulation or the installation of a French drain system, however, other times a simple change can be made that will completely fix the problem.

Before you call for a professional basement moisture contractor, first check out these tips.

Tip: Identify and Adjust Outdoor Drainage Flow Patterns

Stormwater seeping into a basement typically comes from one of four different places:

  1. the roof
  2. the yard
  3. a walkway
  4. the driveway

All water draining off of the roof should be contained in a rain gutter system. The gutters should be free of leaves, and their downspouts should discharge the water well away from your home's foundation. The rain gutters around your home are always the first place to check for sources of basement moisture.

If your yard is not properly sloped away from your home, then water will run towards the foundation instead of away from it. If the angle isn't correct, then re-grading will solve much of your moisture problem. Walkways, driveways, and concrete patios should always slope away from your home to drain. If you find excessive moisture coming off of a concrete surface, then you can install gutters along the sides of it. Line the gutters with porous rocks for maximum drainage.

Tip: Apply a DIY Basement Waterproofing Paint to Control Seepage Problems 

If the water coming into your basement from outdoors is wetting the walls and making the area smell musty, but there isn't ever any standing water on the floor, then you can use a specialty basement waterproofing paint to keep the moisture out.

Basement waterproofing paint is a thick rubberized paint that doesn't prevent the foundation of your home from absorbing water, but it acts as a barrier to keep that moisture out of your living space. Often, for basements without standing water problems where the only issues are damp smells, mold growth, and moist walls, an application of the paint will completely eliminate basement moisture problems.

Tip: Seek the Assistance of a Professional Basement Waterproofing Service

If you have tried all of the tips listed above and continue to have problems with moisture in your home's basement, then you should seek the help of a professional basement waterproofing contractor service. These businesses are experts at permanently eliminating basement moisture problems.

For more information, contact your local basement waterproofing contractor services today.