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Smoke Damage After A Small Fire In Your Home

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If you had a small fire in your home, such as a stove fire, then you may be shocked by the amount of smoke damage that relatively small fire caused in your home. Getting rid of that smoke damage isn't something most homeowners are going to be able to tend to themselves. Also, having smoke damage restoration is something you need to have done for many reasons. You can learn about some of the ways smoke can wreak havoc on your home and belongings.

Wall, ceiling, windows, and flooring damage

Shortly after the fire, you'll see that your walls and ceilings be discolored from the smoke. Your windows will even have soot stuck to them, so you can't see through them as you used to be able to. Your floors, no matter what material they're made of, will also have soot on them. Not only will those dark walls, sticky windows, and dark and ashy floors look horrible, but they will smell, and they pose health risks.

You may notice some of the smoke damage immediately, but be forewarned that it can get worse over the days following the fire. The surfaces can even turn a yellow color over the next few days on top of the soot color you already have to deal with.

Appliance damage

If your small fire was due to an appliance, then that appliance is not relevant to the information in this article since the damage to it goes way beyond what's being referred to in this article. As for your other appliances, you may notice they start turning a yellowish color over the course of the following few days after the small fire.

Countertop damage

Unfortunately, even your marble or granite countertops will be affected by the smoke. The damage to porous countertops will be permanent, leaving you needing to have them replaced. This also goes for any other areas adorning porous stone walls, floors, or even décor.

Damage to belongings

Fabrics ranging from your couches all the way to your clothing will have the strong smell of smoke. Everything from the throw pillows to your blankets and even area rugs will be affected by the smell.

Get help from a smoke damage restoration service ASAP

It's important for you to call a smoke damage restoration service to come help you as soon after the small fire as possible. The sooner they can come out to advise you of your next steps and help you by taking care of things on their end, the sooner you will be able to get back in your house.