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Tips For Reupholstering An Old Dining Room Chair

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Do you have old dining room chairs that are in need of a makeover? If so, you may be wondering if you can do this job on your own or if you need to go to a professional. Reupholstering a simple dining room chair with a removable seat is easy to do on your own, and following these tips will let you know how to do it.

Take Off The Old Fabric

The first step will be to take the old fabric off the seat cushion. Most cushions are secured to the bottom of the chair with screws that need to be removed. Take off the screws, and put them in a safe place so they are not lost. 

Flip the cushion over to access the bottom of it. You'll want to remove the dust cover on the bottom so that you can gain access to the nails or staples that are holding old fabric in place. Carefully remove these so that the wood base is not damaged. 

Evaluate The Cushion

Now is the time to look at the old cushion and decide if you want to replace it. Does it look old and out of shape? You can replace it with a new piece of foam to make the seat more comfortable when you are done. A new piece of foam can be measured by placing the seat base on top of the new foam and tracing around it. You can then cut the foam along the lines with a knife. It is okay if the size is not perfect, since the foam will compress to form the shape you want.

Attach The New Fabric

Place your new fabric face down on the ground. Then lay the seat cushion on top of it. If there is a pattern, verify that the pattern is in the proper orientation for your seat cushion. Wrap the fabric around the chair, and trim the fabric so it hangs about 2-3 inches over the bottom of the seat. Use a staple on each side to secure the fabric in place loosely. Tighten the fabric by stretching out the fabric with your hand and securing the excess fabric on the bottom of the seat. Create a pleat on your corners to create a nice edge, and then trim off all the extra fabric.

Do you love the look of your chair, and now you want to reupholster a larger piece of furniture? Reach out to an upholstery service in your area.