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When Your Laminate Countertops May Need Professional Repair

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Countertops are a great addition to any kitchen because of their many uses. However, most homeowners get confused when choosing the most suitable material for their countertops. While some choose stone, wood, and granite, others choose other materials like glass, concrete, marble, and stainless steel. But many homeowners choose laminate when installing countertops in their kitchen these days. 

Laminate countertops are versatile, durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, the countertops get damaged and become less useful. In this case, seeking laminate countertop repair services makes more sense. See when you are likely to repair your laminate countertops.

You Notice a Ruptured Countertop Surface

A countertop with a ruptured surface looks unsightly. Even though it's just a small option that's ruptured, you shouldn't ignore it because the damage could quickly spread to the rest of the surface. If the ruptured section is repaired in good time, you may not need to replace the entire countertop. 

But why does the surface of the laminate countertops get ruptured? The problem occurs if the countertop was installed over an uneven surface or if the joints were poorly crafted. The problem could also occur if the glue wasn't allowed to dry properly or if the countertop is carrying a lot of weight. Get a professional to repair the ruptured surface before the problem aggravates.

The Countertop Is Water Damaged

Water can easily damage your laminate countertops with time. This problem is common in homes with smaller kitchens because water damage risks are a bit high. If you notice that some countertop sections have become suddenly uneven, water damage could be the cause. However, you could avoid water-damaged countertops by using a vapor barrier when installing the countertops. 

You could also get proper sealants for your sink to ensure it doesn't leak water to the countertops. Ensure the sink's drainage pipes aren't dripping and the joints are properly sealed. If you don't do it, the leaks could cause serious damage to your laminate countertops. Repair the damaged countertop surfaces soonest possible to avoid replacement.

The Surface Has Aggressive Chips and Scratches

As you place knives, pans, and other sharp utensils on the countertops, you may end up with serious chips and scratches on the surface. These are common problems in homes with laminate countertops. Contact a repair professional immediately you notice chips on the laminate surface. They usually use quality paste and pen when filling the chips or cuts. Avoid filling the chips yourself because you may under or overfill them. Removing the filler after it has dried is usually an arduous task, and that's why only a professional should fill the chips. Everyone wants their laminate countertops to remain in good shape for a long period. But since they will get damaged as time goes, it's good to get laminate countertop repair before the problem worsens.